About Me



My journey toward Spiritual Direction began in the heart…


A Bit about me…

I am a spiritual director, living and working in Columbus, Ohio.  I trained through the three-year program at Wellstreams, part of the Columbus-based Spirituality Network.

My spiritual direction practice is based upon this: God is Love.  To know Love by personal experience (rather than by mere knowledge without experience) can lead to spiritual healing, growth, and deepening. 

The spiritual journey is not a linear path upon which we travel, hoping to get to a point further down the road.  It is a path of immeasurable dimensions, upon which we are taken deeper into understanding, accompanied by growth that is beyond even exponential growth, rather a more expansive understanding, that begs to be taken to even greater expanses.

My professional career began with the full-time practice of law.  Skilled at rhetoric and analysis, brief writing and argumentation, I was traveling a path of success at a large corporate law firm.  My heart yearned to know more about the lives of those to whom I handed drafts to revise, those past whom I bustled in the hallway en route to a deadline.  As I met the demands of a sophisticated law practice, I questioned if I had chosen the right profession for my life. 

I am a mother of five and a grandmother. With the birth of my first child, the love that I had experienced deeply in my heart for others exploded to heretofore unknown dimensions. Surely I could not love any more than this! Suddenly, with her in my arms, I understood so much more about about God’s love for each one of us.

Many years later, the practice of Spiritual Direction came into my awareness. I had found my life’s calling.

The real impact happens when an individual experiences the love of God in their own life.

God will make God’s self known. 
Love will make Love’s self known. 
The Divine will make the Divine’s self known.