The Loon


The waters of the lake are calm this morning.
A few feet away gentle ripples fade 
into the obscurity of the mist.
Grayness occludes my vision. 
And for what feels like the first time, 
the inability to see what lies ahead
does not birth angst. 
A serenity descends upon me 
and envelops me
as the cloud descends from the heavens 
and lies upon the lake.
I cannot see all the details,
I can only see what I need 
for my next step 
or two 
or three.

Gazing into the fog,
I see a lone figure silhouetted 
against the monochromatic grayscape.
A loon is floating, 
amidst the gentle ripples.
like me. 

I rise to look at her.
Beginning to bathe herself,
the loon rises to reveal 
the pure white of her underbelly,
even as I rise 
to reveal the pureness of my true self,
to allow my hidden heart
to be illuminated by the
gentlest glow of soft morning sun
through the cradling cloud.

Tears fill my eyes 
as I watch her spread her wings 
and lift her body from the waters.
Her beauty steals my next breath
as she stands upon the waters.
In a single heartbeat,
love connects us.

Her morning ritual 
of revealing herself for cleansing completed,
she rises again,
and prepares to move on. 
Her wings weighed down with water, 
she relentlessly reaches out 
toward all that lies beyond her.
Flapping to force herself aloft,
she travels just above the surface
until she can recapture 
her own innate ability
to again take flight.

And I am left alone,
in my morning ritual
by the water’s edge.
Enveloped by the mist,
cradled by the cloud,
illuminated by the gentlest glow of the morning sun,
I await the next beauty to befall my eyes.
I wonder if I might
cast off the water weighing upon my wings,
and reach out relentlessly
toward all that lies beyond me, 
to force myself aloft,
and travel just above the surface
until I can recapture
my own innate ability to
again take flight.

the Darkness


Saturday, 11 May 2019

the Darkness

I want to stay outside 
until the darkness comes. 
To wait until the last light fades 
and the night eclipses my vision. 
To remain in these woods 
until the image of each tree 
is erased by blackness. 

I want to keep watch 
as the night falls 
and let myself fall with the night.  
I want to be hidden in this haven, 
to be sheltered in the shadows,
not moving until the morning.  
When the hand of darkness 
loses its grip,
I want mine to be the first eyes 
to witness the breaking of dawn, 
as the cover of opacity 
is pierced by penetrating light 
and a new day rises
on my heart’s horizon.

I want to stay outside
until the darkness is gone.